Picciola & Associates, Inc.

Coastal Restoration, Permits & Mitigations

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has been heavily involved in coastal restoration, mitigation, and coastal permits for state agencies and private entities.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., designed and managed several of the largest barrier island restoration projects in south Louisiana for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. These projects included building approximately hundreds of acres of barrier island in harsh environment near the Gulf of Mexico. Some projects also included hydraulically dredging from a borrow pit area which was nearly three miles from the dump site.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has been very successful in obtaining wetland permits for government agencies and private entities in response to commercial and private activities near and in wetland delineated areas.

Picciola & Associates, Inc.’s participation has included development of plans for agency approval, location survey, permitting, overall project management and onsite inspection for the duration of the projects.