Picciola & Associates, Inc.

Drainage Work

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has been heavily involved with Drainage System improvements within the Parish of Lafourche for several decades. Past projects have included forced drainage within existing subdivisions with inadequate drainage and newly developed subdivisions, levee systems and levee system upgrades, and fixes pumping stations for enclosed drainage systems.

Projects for the Lafourche Parish Council have included Galliano and Lockport Heights Forced Drainage. These projects involved drainage improvements to subdivisions with chronic flooding problems. Work involved removal and replacement of existing drainage structures. Picciola & Associates, Inc.’s responsibilities consisted of plan development, project management, and onsite inspection for the duration of the project. Both projects were federally funded by FEMA.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has also completed the T-Bios Drainage system project federally funded by FEMA and administered by the Lafourche parish Council which consisted of removal of an existing pump station and installation of a new 130,000 GPM pump station and several miles of newly constructed levee.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has also been involved with the South Lafourche Levee District Hurricane Protection Levee System. This levee system is a totally enclosed flood protection system which protects the residents of lower Lafourche Parish from the threat of storm tidal surges during major hurricanes. Picciola & Associates, Inc., has provided plan development, project management, and onsite inspection for levee system upgrades and fixed pump station projects. Pump Station No. 7 for the SLLD consisted of a Cast-n-Place Concrete 200,000 GPM Pumping Station with associated site work and discharge pipe with a total construction cost of approximately $3 million.