Picciola & Associates, Inc.


Picciola & Associates, Inc. has provided surveying services for property boundary locations, right-of-way acquisitions and to support its project activities since 1969. Picciola & Associates, Inc. has obtained a variety of state-of-the-art equipment in support of surveying activities.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., is equipped to perform RTK GPS surveys utilizing a C4G RTK Network. This equipment is capable of providing centimeter accuracy all throughout the State of Louisiana. The equipment is also well suited for performing accurate topographic surveys in a fraction of the time required with traditional equipment.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has also obtained the ability to perform Hydrographic Surveys in support of waterborne projects. Picciola & Associates, Inc., utilized Hypachmax/Hypack software in conjunction with Trimble GPS and Raytheon Recorder to perform accurate hydrographic contours of the project site. This software also allows easy computation of borrow area volumes computed before, during, and after construction of the project.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., has also been involved with right-of-way acquisition surveys for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and control and topographic surveys for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources for coastal restoration projects. We are familiar with government surveying including field notes, data reports, and survey plat content. All surveying information can also be provided electronically including data, field notes, and survey plats.

Picciola & Associates, Inc., maintains several sized boats from 12 feet to 24 feet, ATVs, and survey vehicles for support of the survey operations. Picciola & Associates, Inc., is well equipped to work n the harsh environments of south Louisiana including coastal marshes and the Gulf of Mexico region.